Registering for Multiple Sessions Policy

Registering for more than one session is possible, however

in the interest of getting as many kids to camp as possible, for at least one week, we ask that you register for the first session and we will put the child on a waitlist for the second session.  Two weeks prior to the second session we will see if there are available spots and if so, gladly register the child for the second session as well.  Payment for the second session will then be collected in full at that time.  The fee (Early Bird or Regular) is based upon when the registration was submitted (ie. if you submitted your registration during the Early Bird time period, you will get the Early Bird rate at the time payment is collected)

Please note that if a child were, for example, to register for both "Junior" sessions, the program is the same for both those weeks.  The games will likely be the same, the schedule, etc.  Your child should be made aware that it will be similar and therefore familiar, but for most of the other campers, it will be their first week and they are looking forward to the surprises and excitement of the unknown.  Please encourage your child to not be telling the other kids what is going to happen, ahead of time, as can sometimes happen.

Also note, that anyone registering for back to back sessions will still need to leave camp in between the sessions from the end of the Closing Program until the next Registration start time.

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