Frequently Asked Questions

When's Tuck??!!

This is the most frequent question we are asked at camp!  Tuck is that wonderful time during the day when campers and staff take a half hour and enjoy some yummy treats to help fuel their day and keep their spirits high.  Usually it's around 3:30 pm each day but the different weeks have a slightly different schedule.  Don't worry...we won't forget and you will have your tuck!

Can I bring a Cell Phone?

No...please DO NOT bring a cell phone to camp.  Camp is a time to disconnect from regular life for awhile and have fun.  We want you to meet new friends, try new activities, and participate unplugged.  We know that these devices are expensive and it is very easy for them to go missing or become damaged.  If cell phones are used, and become a distraction, the camp reserves the right to confiscate them.  Under no circumstances is the camp responsible for any missing or damaged cell phones or other electronics, confiscated or not.  Please, just leave them at home.

But my cell phone is my camera

We realize that cell phones have mostly replaced cameras, but would ask that you buy or borrow a camera that you can use for your time at camp.  We appreciate the extra effort that is made here. 

But my parents want to call me or I want to call them

We know that it can be just as hard, or harder on parents, when their kids go away for several days, often for the first time ever.  However, talking to your child can increase the chance, or worsen the case, of homesickness.  The office staff are more than happy to talk with you often throughout the week.  Please feel free to contact us and we will check in with your child's cabin leader to see how your child is doing and let you know.  If there is a reason to talk with them then we are more than happy to arrange a better time (usually not right before bed) to do so in consultation with you.  Additionally, if one child is communicating with their parents then it can make other children miss their families and it can cause homesickness in others as well.  Our goal is to help your child succeed in being away from home, and we ask you to work with us to this end.  

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